1. Ulysses Is More Fun To Read As A Game

    If you’ve ever read—or, more likely, tried and failed to read—James Joyce's Ulysses, you’re familiar with the sense that the swirling mass of words is deliberately taunting you with its obscurity. Ulysses can be a fun, funny book, but even the most diehard fans would acknowledge that it’s also supremely frustrating. It’s a book that always forces you to think about reading. And so goes Ariel Malka's new app, which plays on the act of reading without really being a reading app.

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    creativity at work this looks absolutely brillant
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    Ulysses Is More Fun To Read As A Game If you’ve ever read—or, more likely, tried and failed to read—James Joyce's...
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    How to get people to read Ulysses… for sure.
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