1. Obscure Colour Words

    1. albicant: whitish; becoming white
    2. amaranthine: immortal; undying; deep purple-red colour
    3. aubergine: eggplant; a dark purple colour
    4. azure: light or sky blue; the heraldic colour blue
    5. celadon: pale green; pale green glazed pottery
    6. cerulean: sky-blue; dark blue; sea-green
    7. chartreuse: yellow-green colour
    8. cinnabar: red crystalline mercuric sulfide pigment; deep red or scarlet colour
    9. citrine: dark greenish-yellow
    10. eburnean: of or like ivory; ivory-coloured
    11. erythraean: reddish colour
    12. flavescent: yellowish or turning yellow
    13. greige: of a grey-beige colour
    14. haematic: blood coloured
    15. heliotrope: purplish hue; purplish-flowered plant; ancient sundial; signalling mirror
    16. hoary: pale silver-grey colour; grey with age
    17. isabelline: greyish yellow
    18. jacinthe: orange colour
    19. kermes: brilliant red colour; a red dye derived from insects
    20. lovat: grey-green; blue-green
    21. madder: red dye made from brazil wood; a reddish or red-orange colour
    22. mauve: light bluish purple
    23. mazarine: rich blue or reddish-blue colour
    24. russet: reddish brown
    25. sable: black; dark; of a black colour in heraldry
    26. saffron: orange-yellow
    27. sarcoline: flesh-coloured
    28. smaragdine: emerald green
    29. tilleul: pale yellowish-green
    30. titian: red-gold, reddish brown
    31. un bémol: madder ( garance) colour is made with madder, a root. vermilion: bright red
    32. virid: green
    33. viridian: chrome green
    34. xanthic: yellow
    35. zinnober: chrome green
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