1. Joseph Beuys - I Like America and America Likes Me (1974)

    “A master of compelling performance pieces, Beuys flew to New York, picked up by an ambulance, and, swathed in felt, was transported to a room in the Rene Block Gallery. The room was also occupied by a wild coyote, and for a period of 8 hours a day for the next three days, Beuys spent his time with the coyote in the small room, with little more than a felt blanket and a pile of straw.

    While in the room, the artist engaged in symbolist gestures, such as striking a triangle and tossing his gloves to the coyote.

    At the end of the three days, the coyote, who had become quite tolerant of Beuys, allowed a hug from the artist, who was transported back to the airport via ambulance. He never set foot on outside American soil nor saw anything of America other than the coyote and the inside of the gallery.”

    (Source: likeafieldmouse, via tsparks)

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    Joseph Beuys - I Like America and America Likes Me (1974)
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